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Download the PD course outlines for K–2 and grades 3–5 workshops

MFA PD Course Outline K-2

MFA PD Course Outline 3-5

OverviewThe purpose of Math for All program is to enhance the preparation of grade K–5 teachers to help all students, including those with disabilities, achieve standards-based learning outcomes in mathematics.  The Math for All program consists of video case-based curriculum materials and learning activities that form the core of two workshop series for teachers. One workshop series focuses on grades K–2, and the other on grades 3–5.  Each series consist of five day-long sessions and is intended to be implemented over time during the school year, to make it possible for participants to complete assignments in their classrooms between workshop sessions.  Each workshop series provides for 30 hours of class time, plus 10 hours devoted to workshop-related assignments that participants carry out in their classrooms, and 10 hours of follow-up meetings, for a total of 50 hours of professional development during the course of one school year.  Ideally, participants in the workshop series are teams of general and special education teachers who serve the same students at their schools.  Where applicable, these teams can also include paraprofessionals or instructional aides, math coaches, and instructional support specialists who work with the teachers.

Learning Outcomes
The Math for All program is designed to directly impact teachers’ knowledge, skills, and classroom practice.  Key learning outcomes for teachers include enhanced knowledge about and skill in the informal assessment of individual students’ strengths and needs, and the assessment of the demands of mathematical tasks.  The program also is designed to help teachers become more knowledgeable about a variety of instructional strategies and more skilled in matching strategies to individual students’ strengths and needs, and to enhance their beliefs about mathematics teaching and learning as well as their mathematical content knowledge.  Math for All is designed to have a direct impact on teaching practice through classroom-based assignments that require teachers to observe individual students and to collaboratively plan, implement, and reflect on adaptations for specific mathematics lessons.  Key outcomes for classroom practices include the ongoing assessment of individual students; the adaptation of mathematics lessons to build on students strengths and weaknesses; the use of instructional strategies, classroom structures, and materials that are responsive to individual students’ strengths and needs; the pursuit of standards-based learning outcomes by all students, including those with disabilities; and supportive teacher-student interactions.