A Project of CCT

The Program

How can teachers implement standards-based math lessons that meet the varied needs of today’s diverse student body? Math for All, a new program developed by EDC and Bank Street College of Education, enhances the preparation of general and special education teachers to promote math success for each learner, including students with disabilities, in grades 3-5.

Math for All includes all the materials needed for effective professional development for teachers in grades 3 – 5:

  • A facilitator’s guide
  • Companion DVDs
  • Corresponding Book with materials and handouts.

The program shows both general and special education teachers ways to collaborate to provide a high-quality, standards-based mathematics education.

“With so much emphasis on the need to provide equitable instruction for all students, the design of the materials contained within these workshops will allow teachers to develop lessons that include all students in learning”Edward C. Nolan, executive director of the Maryland Council of Teachers of Mathematics.

Develop Your Own Lessons

Math for All participants work within a team to develop math lessons that are accessible to all students. The program consists of five workshops during which teachers engage in an ongoing process of problem solving, decision making, and reflection.

Schools and districts can use the program to increase the expertise of their teachers and enable them to offer workshops for colleagues, eliminating the need to hire outside consultants for the job.

“The materials incorporate every known element of effective professional development including case studies, video clips, teamwork, doing mathematics together, applying theory to practice in a well paced job embedded format. I think these materials are incredibly useful, user friendly, and likely to significantly improve the practice of any professional who fully engages in the sessions.”Lucy West, Author and Consultant, Metamorphosis Teaching Learning Communities

How to Order

To learn more about the program or to order it from Corwin Press, go to www.corwin.com/authors/535495.